IceCaps jerseys available in NHL 12

And obviously, the same goes for the Jets.

EA Sports has released the downloadable content to update both the Jets and IceCaps’ jerseys in gameplay. Previously, the IceCaps had only the generic AHL jerseys available.

Here’s a quick screen capture.

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7 thoughts on “IceCaps jerseys available in NHL 12

  1. Yip, fired up NHL12 a couple of days ago to see an update come down. Like with every update, the first thing I do is go and start a game to see if they have the IceCaps jerseys yet, and sure enough, there they were!

    • The rosters are still off, but that’s usually the case with these NHL games and the other league’s rosters. Hopefully the next patch will update the AHL rosters a little better

  2. Hey guys.

    If you want updated rosters for the leagues, bookmark this site:

    They have a downloadable roster as of Opening Night, which included the NHL & AHL rosters. Pretty easy instructions to follow to get them installed. Only took me about five minutes, if that.

    • Hey Don, I think it should do it automatically as long as your PS3 is connected to the internet. As soon as I popped NHL12 on the other day it was an automatic download/update

      • hi,ryan i am not hook up to the net?Do you know how to do this because this is the first time that i am looking to do this and i do not have a clue where to go and the websites tell you not a thing about this?

        • Hmm.. so you don’t have your PS3 hooked up to the net? I think if that’s the case you’ll have to wait until all the teams have worn their third jerseys and then get the jersey code online at the official site.

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