Throwing in the towel? IceCaps on the brink

(Photo: CP)

With the IceCaps down 3-0 to Norfolk after a heartbreaker in overtime last night, I thought this was pretty funny when it came across my Twitter feed this morning:


IceCaps Alley BLOWOUT SALE today from 12-4! All merchandise 40% off! Jerseys priced at $89.95! No additional Season Ticket Holder discount

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not criticizing the IceCaps for doing this; it totally makes sense considering the team’s chances of coming back in this series are nearly zero. Just thought it was a funny thing for them to tweet right away after Game 3.

The blowout sale will also be on tonight during the game as well, so you can pick up some merchandise then if work is bogging you down today.

For the IceCaps, tonight may very well be the last game they play until October. And as many, including myself, have pointed out, things could look a lot different when they come back. The turnover in the AHL for many clubs is drastic, and St. John’s is no different. The team could plummet by 20 points in the standings for all we know, and they could also be contenders again.

There isn’t a straight-forward formula to determine how they’ll look next time around.

We won’t even try until this series is over (and who knows? Anything can happen). But when/if this thing does end, here at the blog we will run a series of questions in the next month or so and do our best to gather as much analysis as possible to answer them.

Got something you want to see covered? A player you want opinion on? Leave a comment or send a reply to @SJ_IceCaps

Tonight’s game goes at 7:30, with Brian Rogers calling at ThisIsNL and the Rogers Television broadcast.

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